Fiber diet – suppress your appetite and lose weight

Anyone who desires to lose weight should know that they can achieve it by reducing the appetite or by increasing the capacity of the body to burn the calories consumed.

Only reducing the calorie intake and not making physical exercises will not make quite a difference to support the weight loss process. You will get to feel hungry all the time, and, in the end, craving for food will demand much more efforts than actually having a daily routine of workouts.

Researches demonstrated that a diet rich in fiber helps consumers control food cravings, suppressing their appetite. The dietary fiber absorbs a great amount of fluids, it increases its volume, it fills the stomach, which sends a signal to the brain and the consumer feels satiated. Including in your diet fruits and vegetables rich in fiber will help you feel full more rapidly and the result is that you will get to eat fewer calories, without experiencing hunger anymore.

Some studies proved that most of the people eat almost the same quantity of food each day. So if you eat foods with plenty of fiber and rich in water, like salads, soups, vegetables and fruits, you will get to ingest the same weight of food, but with fewer calories.

More than just suppressing the appetite, the fiber diet supports the body get rid of the bad cholesterol and it also cleans the blood. Some studies shown that a diet rich in fiber reduced the risk in Type 2 diabetes, it reduces the chances of developing colon cancer and it decreases the risks of cardiovascular problems, obesity, constipation and diverticulitis.

The nutritionists recommend consuming many vegetables and fruits every day, because of their content in vitamins and minerals, but also plenty of fiber. Eating cereals at breakfast is the best way to start the day. The high-fiber cereals are proved to be effective in the weight loss process.

The fiber intake can be increased by adding to your meals many vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and legumes. Try to eat the whole fruit, instead of just drinking the fruit juice, eat soups based on vegetables every day, start the day with cereals rich in fiber, along with fruits and dairy low in fat, add seeds to the salads, eat more beans, choose to eat bread with whole grain and mostly try to eat healthy, high quality foods.

The foods rich in fiber should be added slowly in the diet, in order to prevent gas and bloating. Allow your body the proper time to adapt to this change and do not forget that during the fiber diet it is important to drink many liquids, as well as to consume food items with high content of water.

You should not forget that the physical activity is also recommended, even if you want to lose weight or you just want to maintain your health. Eat more foods with fiber, follow this diet, make more exercises and you will absolutely lose weight.

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