Here’s What to do After You Buy Your used car from

Buying a new car, even though second hand, is cause for celebration. You deserve it too, especially after putting in the hard work of research and continuous visits. But there are a few things you need to do right after buying it and before hitting the road with it. Online car sales platforms like can be very helpful in finding the right used car and deciding whether to buy it or not. But that is where their authority ends and to ensure a safe driving and a long life, you must take your car through the following steps:

  1. First, you’ll need to get it licensed and
  2. You must also insure your new used car. Luckily, this will not cost a fortune, as it would for a new car because it has depreciated.
  3. Take it to a mechanic for a full inspection. Normally, you’d have done this before buying it too, but the second time, the inspection needs to be very thorough. Depending on the report you’ll be getting, you’ll have to make improvements or not.
  4. Change all the filters. The car’s previous owner’s main concern was to have it in good shape and sell it. These are small details that matter only when it’s yours. Change all filters from the fuel pump, air, transmission, oil and water purifier. You’d be lucky if they were new, but most are usually just ok, which makes it an even better idea to replace them anyway.
  5. Read the owner’s manual to learn the car’s service intervals and other interesting stuff.
  6. Clean the car inside and out. You might be ok with driving a used car but it’s always safe to clean it inside and out. You never know what kind of germs have been there, or what liquids have been spilt. In any case, it’s just great to drive a clean, beautifully-fragranced car. It will give it shine on the outside and it will feel more like a brand new car, which to some degree it actually is.
  7. Change all necessary fluids and do all the quick fixes. Changing the car’s fluids will make it perform better and lengthen its life too. It’s also a good idea to check out all the lights, spark plugs and trim pieces. Basically, everything you could fix yourself, that doesn’t require special tools or craftsmanship.
  8. Very important: check the car’s brakes! They are vital for your own safety and the others’, so make sure you’re on top of this situation before taking the car for a drive.
  9. Finally, check and change the tires if necessary. Whether it’s the season for change or they’re simply too worn, good tires will help the car perform better and increase your comfort too.

All these being said, all that’s left is to hop in and drive your new second hand car. Be proud of your investment and take good care of it. It may well serve others after you’re done with it too.

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