Features that iPhone 6 should keep

Without any doubt, iPhone 6 will be one of the most important releases of an Apple iPhone and will make many people decide to join or leave the iOS club.

Latest statistics have proven that an unexpected number of people want to move from iOS to Android and vice-versa. If iPhone 6 will be as disappointing as iPhone 5 is considered to be, this could mean the end of Apple’s substantial grip on the smartphone industry.

These are the features for the iPhone 6 that the brand new iOS gadget should have in order to maintain Apple in the game.

A screen size of at least 4.5in – because Apple’s touch screen and icon interface were so revolutionary and impressive, that they improved the performance of smartphones. Typing is a lot easier and with fewer mistakes on a larger screen. Rumors are that users of iOS can switch to Android if iPhone 6 would have a screen size less then 5in, even if it would have iOS 7’s slick interface.

A better battery life with rapid charging – because we currently use our smartphones a lot more than before, but the batteries are not ready for heavy use and it often need to be charged at least once a day. A larger sized iPhone make possible and should increase the life of the battery, even if it gets even slimmer than the iPhone 5S, like several websites are predicting. Hopefully, Apple may include a battery with innovative technology, with power recovery system or perhaps solar cells.

A class-leading camera with image stabilization and an enhanced resolution will have as a result keeping Apple’s image quality reputation, essential in a time when the smartphones are quickly turning into the most used and favorite cameras on the planet.

Along with an enhanced screen size, Apple should embrace the most recent screen technology and a better resolution. The newer screen technology AMOLED provides more vibrant, brighter colors and even better viewing angles.

The most recent WiFi standard – 802.11ac, delivers considerably much faster speeds than 802.11n. This indicates that downloading and uploading large volumes of data will be transferred in a smaller amount of time. Apple din not consider this new technology so important, since it didn’t include it with the iPhone 5S, but it will be considered an advantage if iPhone 6 will embrace this feature.

Whenever Apple releases this new iPhone, let’s hope that its features will content all of the users.

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