African Mango – An extract that supports weight loss

African Mango is the fruit produced by Irvingia Gabonensis, a tree that grows in Africa. Containing 50% fat, 14% fiber, 7.5% protein and 26.4% total carbohydrates, the flesh of Irvingia Gabonensis is widely consumed, where it grows.

But the powerful ingredients that make this plant so appreciated are contained in the seed (or nut), fresh or dried, and many diet supplements include in their composition extract from African Mango.

If ingested 30-60 minutes before meals, African Mango is claimed to reduce the appetite, decrease the levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides, improve the control of blood sugar, boosting the fat reduction and supporting the weight loss.

There aren’t too much scientific researches on how Irvingia Gabonensis works, and most of the studies were sponsored by the providers of the products which contain African Mango extract. But these studies proved that the African Mango extract promotes the weight loss, lowering the blood cholesterol levels and improving the control of diabetes. This is mainly because of the fiber included in the composition, thus the fiber competes with the cholesterol, removing it.

More studies are required in order to establish the efficiency of Irvinia Gabonensis and also before the dieticians recommend products with this extract. But there is no magic pill that will remove the excessive weight. A healthy and secure weight loss requires a diet plan as well as daily workout, especially if it is targeted a long term weight reduction.

One of the best products available on market that contains African Mango extract is African Mango Plus. High rated, having many positive customer reviews, a good reputation and claiming to prove its efficiency quite fast, African Mango Plus comes with a money back guarantee.

Increasing the metabolism, fighting the fatigue, raising the energy levels, enhancing fat oxidation and promoting weight loss, these are only a few statements made by African Mango Plus suppliers. It is good to know that they also recommend a diet and an exercise program in order to support the weight loss desired.

Raising the levels of Leptin, the substance responsible for regulating the metabolism and controlling the appetite, African Mango Plus is an efficient diet supplement if ingested during weight loss programs.

A natural solution that helps burning the body fat, African Mango Plus must be taken twice a day, before meals, if wanting the best results. Still, without better eating practices and without physical exercises, the weight loss can’t be achieved.

Although African Mango Plus was clinically tested, you should consider consulting your doctor before ingesting this diet supplement. Find more details about this product, it may be the solution for your weight loss.

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