Thermobol – The best selling weight loss supplement from Maximuscle

Maximuscle is a reputed UK company that produces efficient sport nutrition supplements since 1995. Their best selling weight loss supplement is Thermobol, a product designed to promote the weight loss of women and men who want to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Including potent ingredients, numerous positive consumer feedbacks and a conditioned 40 day money back guarantee, Thermobol can be purchased from the official Maxishop website, as well as on the high street, at different prices.

Thermobol is claimed to support weight loss, burn the fat and increase the fat loss when used along with a diet plan and daily workout. The ingredients are proved in researches to assist fat reduction and raise the energy rate. The compounds contained by Thermobol are: Bitter Orange Peel (325mg), L-Tyrosine (300mg), Caffeine (148mg), Green Tea Extract (100mg), Guarana Seed Powder (12mg), Bioperine (5mg), Chromium (67µg), Cayenne Extract (0.1mg) and an effective selection of B Vitamins (B1, B5, B7, B12).

Found in recommended daily quantities and in the proper concentrations, these ingredients work together in order to offer the next benefits: boosting the metabolism, suppressing the appetite, promoting healthy thyroid function, raising the energy levels, burning de excessive fat and calories, controlling the food cravings, increasing the body temperature in order to accelerate the fat reduction, all these leading to the desired weight loss in a healthy and safe way.

The problem about Thermobol is that it could produce some unwanted side effects, because of the great amount of caffeine. It is recommended to avoid overdosing on caffeine, and stop consuming other products with this compound. Other reported side effects include anxiety, jittery sensations, insomnia, upset stomach and increased heart rate. In any case, you should consider consulting a doctor before using Thermobol.

Boosting alertness and concentration, Thermobol is a great weight loss supplement if used with healthy eating habits and regular physical exercises. Many consumers that tested this product declared it worked for them.

The conditions of the 40-day money back guarantee are:

  1. 1.    You have to use the product for a month as instructed, eat a healthy diet and follow a workout routine.
  2. 2.    After that, send the original package to Maximuscle, along with the details about your diet and exercise program and wait the response if the full refund applies.

It is unlikely to receive all the cash you spent, since you have to use the product for 30 days. The refund is established on the amount of pills ingested.

The recommended dosage is 3 tablets daily, split throughout the day, on empty stomach with water. The last pill should not be taken after 3pm, due to the high content of caffeine.

Combined with a diet plan and exercises, Thermobol may offer you the weight loss you dream about. Find more about Thermobol before deciding if it is the best product for you.

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